About Us

Post5 Theatre location

Post5 Theatre Company started in August of 2011 with the opening of Romeo and Juliet in the courtyard of Mile Post 5, Portland’s artist community, with a vision to produce fresh, youthful, ensemble based theatre experiences for actors and audiences alike. While Post5 Theatre continues to produce the outdoor summer season in the courtyard, the company has expanded into a newly created black-box theatre that opens the door to intimate explorations of Shakespeare and contemporary works year round.

While Post5 boasts an acting company of 17 incredibly talented artists, casting is open to all community members. Post5 is administered by a team of 10 directors and governed by a board of 5 community members comprised of educators, professionals, and artists from all across the Portland Metropolitan area.

At Post5 Theatre, we strive to celebrate and reveal the vibrancy that is live theatre!